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Steel Forging – Our Long-lasting Passion

More than one century ago, in 1908, Vincenzo Ambrosetti, inspired by his unrivalled ingenuity, established Officina Meccanica F.lli Ambrosetti, a company specialised in manufacturing steel tools. In 1976, Gianluigi, the founder’s son, joined the company, which was renamed ISEF, Industria Stampaggio e Forgiatura. Today, four generations have worked in the company, making passion and professional approach in steel hot forging as strong and rooted as ever.  

We Are What We Do

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Its properties – strength, sturdiness, elasticity and unalterability – make it suitable for a wide range of applications in metal mechanical field.

ISEF makes its own peculiarities its strengths, as much as steel does:

  • Solid technical competencies, expertise acquired over a century
  • High flexibility in managing orders
  • Recognised and certified process and product quality
  • Strong focus on technological innovation


We Forge Uniqueness

We manufacture hot forged steel parts. Ranging from 1 to 70 kg weight complete with every kind of heat treatment, machining, painting and first assembling.

Our Way toward a Global Market

Our “Made in Italy” products are exported to \international markets – Germany, France, Great Britain, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Finland, Poland, and Denmark generate over 70% of our turnover.

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